How To Reset Epson 1390 Printer

 How To Reset Epson 1390 Printer 

Epson Stylus Photo printer 1390 not want print and red lights flash alternately and cartridge do not want the road. This is a sign that the Epson Stylus Photo 1390 printer needs to be reset because the count was full.
When you see your Epson 1390 printer's two LED blinks than you understand your Epson1393 need to reset software. Reset waste ink Counter using by adjustment program Epson Stylus Photo 1390.

Working Process Epson 1390 Printer Reset

  1. Turn on the Printer.
  2. Set date setting in your computer to 4 October 2007.
  3. Run Adjustment Program by clicking “AdjProg.exe”.
  4. Select Accept
  5. Select Particular adjustment mode
  6. Select “Waste ink pad counter – OK
  7. Click Initialization to reset current protection counter to “Zero”.
  8. Turn off printer and turn on again.

Download Reset software for Epson 1390

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Thanks for sharing this useful post as i was looking forward to reset my printer & i think your information will help me a lot in doing that.
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